Lost Content

Ask me anything   This is a poetry blog. I try to post a poem or other writing every day. My likes are more general and relate to areas I find interesting or thought proviking. This is my third blog on Tumblr.

At face value transition no doubt
pulls at the cuff.  Each exuding
enough to shake loose from a certain
type of material.  The very act
stretches in a kind of satisfied
consciousness.  Wholly different
from limits of simulated challenge the
immutable fare takes shape speaking
above unraveled points.  The precise
relationship is therefore converted
drawing realization from the specific
quality of fulfillment.  

— 1 day ago

Put this express way a mountain of

heat happens to brush by.  Behaving

however strange the value is possibly

high.  Meticulous down to a cellar

scale patience comes back having

taken a pulse the other way. 

Expecting to reach over to the bay

a sum total fits in among the involute

expression of single entities tangled

in heaps of capacity thinking in suits. 

— 6 days ago

Darn this whole thing with an
expression of party lines who’s
starting point aims for a soft place
to land.  According to perfect
symmetry various approaches
infringe that scene until the whole
mass reaches a condition of
quiescence.  At that time they get on
all sides relative as if transforming
on a splash of ground.  Even the
collectibles mash in elemental

— 1 week ago

Deep in herbage shuttled round by

quaint devices one hand guides

behind the times.  Contrived in

strange scales the very pretentious

idea results in all of what was

thought.  The most necessary

growth spawns unadulterated.

Propitious enough an easy commerce

of equal duration crowds into the

imagined brink in spite of cheering

knobs rimed with sober tribulation.

Where creativity is at the core

attention stiffens with a cool sense

restored to rustic order. 

— 1 week ago

Plucked from a blaze of
temperament a flinch often opens to
pet names.  So now is the time to
adjust along those lines.  Surrounded
by a masterpiece perhaps old timbers
will lean in among the plain - -
Insisting on the sultry myth with
patterns waiving like a hidden tongue
of flame. 

— 2 weeks ago

Through its notch of disordered

murmurs an approximation fits in

twos and threes.  Like a solid cache

taking swigs the things get real quiet.

While only segments know as much

the deep lane insists coupling with

disciplined squads.  Under conditions

taking support the premise is of

course set out from the natural

base.   Even though half-heard the

experience has a by-product.  Close

enough it operates to make room

with fragments doomed to grow.   

— 2 weeks ago

In the sense of a frozen concoction
this wildness is all one big game;  pure
as reasonable words on a trek
taunting with some sort of scarce
genius.  Grasped in the expression
of a thread this weird space scales in
fragmented quotes.  Even now
separate from the sinking state of
contradiction its lullaby wanders
through the meantime. 

— 3 weeks ago

Expecting to be blown into a second

silhouette the odd waiter taunts

comfortable in an entirely different

conversation.  Where swaths of

instinct originate ardent just like

wow.  Even the old news finds its

wherewithal.  Fixed on an empty

notion, the refrain literally falls when

occasion compares, piercingly

certain on the pendant of

indiscriminate fame. 

— 3 weeks ago

Dwelling in a wired space of golden
mantle themes the bounds of pointed
recognition grow up.  Based on their
own preconceived gravitas other
versions resolve, decoupled from the
loudest minds.  Convinced by the
very deed set out on repeat the
second floor of events occurs ahead
of the indiscriminate demand literally
judged in passing sight as substitute
acts suffice. 

— 4 weeks ago