Lost Content

Ask me anything   This is a poetry blog. I try to post a poem or other writing every day. My likes are more general and relate to areas I find interesting or thought proviking. This is my third blog on Tumblr.

Enthralled with proof outstretched in

empty houses staving off the

intricate sidewalk counsel interjects.

Across the wild time sleeveless

beauty sees on through the space

tearing up before the answer. 

Trailing around a self-imposed stake

all glorious in the plush corridors of

talent the beast of increasing airs

sizzles in the sleek jangle much like

the promise of a jacked up family. 

— 1 day ago

A moment persists proffering
itself to the foam.  Turn up te bright
suits slick above the breeding
installation with remnants of pure
concern.  Part of the job shoots
from a spot of destiny intended for
a return to decency.  Moving onto
the heart-stopping edge yet to
receive the buzz amiss props the
almost buddy drawn to the honor
giving a year. 

— 4 days ago

Rearing up upon another

predicament the matte once super

busy is now locked in time to feign

an all-mine recuperating from each

quest for commonplace.   Habits

of Spring like the explorers bare are

so much the same in ways accepted

while kinda hanging on to the socket. 

In turn the project shudders through

a social light.  Where new obsession rambles

on, egged by evidence of practice at the

limits of each scheme.  Speaking at

the grade again promised grains

compress a myth while testing  there. 

— 6 days ago

In touch on the long side of a hill at

least hard locks of a wild child step

out.  For curious individuals there are

rings with just enough room to stray. 

There the real you can be seen

thinking out loud with so-called

fascination entirely one with clues

clinging to the most courageous sort

of self.  Like the last two percent it’s

okay to shake free of relative worth

with a trace of weirdo winning over

the case aglow with stitched up


— 1 week ago

If nothing else from three floors up
the test reveals insets of familiar
blaze;  Swept aside to where
absorption is kept in sight on brazen
feet to the soft practice bringing
reason from notes tucked for another
calling in attraction long enough so the
crossing ties wake more or less
from  fans fully where
experience finds charm
is tossed by ginger ways light between
each wrist as if falling before
the occasion tilts.

— 1 week ago

Yes the royalties progress with the

one thing secretly wanted.  This

concept traces the weakest spots

knowing how long it takes to become

equipped settling into drawn out

meaning.  To realize on a whim

suggested from the beginning there

is another step to go requires a bit of

imagination as if to reminisce on the

order within a play of possibilities. 

With different weight enough of the

able scheme receives a smoky

match as was meant to be.  So with

the roar of every street different

intensities come close gradually

drifting through the system with its

loopholes all day long. 

— 1 week ago

Before the not yet quiet South
another side is portrayed, smiling
upon the benefits conserved within a
beam of solutions.  Irreplaceable
reactions capable of generating
passing coolness from gradual
paragraphs compress the tops of
possible influence where only enough
hope could explain the reach. 
Toward very much a rill’s perspective
the notion comes around as if
determined to be rearranged. 

— 2 weeks ago

Stretched out in a pouty-face
disguise, function begins beside
the point over the course of being
everyone heedless of an opacity
inside.  Tracing along the
confrontation it bears the tame
awareness, each effective example
due to reasons so full in that way
the great task tangles as thick as a
swatch left crowded in the vetch
half-developed with a push of

— 2 weeks ago

With the cold away tidy thoughts

bump along to a secret friend one

last time aware part of the

promise includes enough action

without distraction.  Plucked from

the bin this itinerary takes on

something like a nifty little trick with

real magnetic pull to a realization of

whatever two call emotion.  Like

a  little ninja this mind set offers up

lists deserving enough to keep from

hinges looking down thoughts about

commotion.  As the confident

are drawn to quality wandering aloud

tending to a vivid performance

on the brink of accuracy streaked

by risk clawed out of the occasion.

— 3 weeks ago

Burn - Usher

(See it’s burning me to hold onto this. I know this is something I gotta do, but that don’t mean I want to. What I’m trying to say is that I — love you, I just — I feel like this is coming to an end, and it’s better for me to … let it go now … than hold on and hurt you. I gotta let it burn.)

It’s gonna burn for me to say this, but it’s coming from my heart,
It’s been a long time coming, but we done been fell apart,
Really wanna work this out, but I don’t think you’re gonna change,
I do but you don’t think it’s best we go our separate ways.
Tell me why I should stay in this relationship,
When I’m hurting baby, I ain’t happy baby,
Plus there’s so many other things I gotta deal with,
I think that you should let it burn.

When your feeling ain’t the same, and your body don’t want to,
But you know, you gotta let it go, cause the party ain’t jumpin’ like it used to.
Even though this might bruise you, Let it burn, Let it burn, Gotta let it burn.

— 3 weeks ago with 1 note