Lost Content

Ask me anything   This is a poetry blog. I try to post a poem or other writing every day. My likes are more general and relate to areas I find interesting or thought proviking. This is my third blog on Tumblr.

Cool with hesitation the ideas
plaster.  Because nobody else can
stitch like messy hair.  Anxious for
the branches of immense factory
they mean it decided by the rest of
an abstract loyalty.  Before lighted
shutters the last twist prepares on
the face of larger keepsakes.   Only
industrious points are more central
to the lens concentrated in automatic

— 3 days ago

The Passing of Arthur
        “There drew he forth the brand Excalibur,
        And o’er him, drawing it, the winter moon,
        Brightening the skirts of a long cloud, ran forth
        And sparkled keen with frost against the hilt:
        For all the haft twinkled with diamond sparks,
        Myriads of topaz-lights, and jacinth-work
        Of subtlest jewellery.”
Alfred Lord Tennyson

— 4 days ago

Personally these alone inhabit until
trod by experience.  Vocal as the
landmarks just out again, impulses
are produced for all kinds to take
their place.  Bemoaning a decidedly
patterned circumstance gone as the
Whole, a fetter splashed focus.  In its
scandal stuffed with sharp-boned
return the formula crumbles too
marked with random flows.  

— 1 week ago

In the quiet pursuit from a pocket safely
the very edge misleads a while.  Once
up to jets of knowing together fresh
plucks of settled ease pull through the
brush again.  At least a judgment
call waits out an in-between.  Where
acceptable coats keep the image
close hopes lobes squeeze absently.  

— 1 week ago

Reminded of a fixable temple it

retrieves certainty still while a

muffled choice remains ingrained.

Perhaps the struggle might be more

for those short times where once again

another side squints away discerning

how far-fetched a spare is there

to reach quaking from the kindness. 

— 2 weeks ago

Drawing from a long line of fine the

concept is attuned.  Swaying on an

arch of immodesty its barriers pay

for a moment suddenly lighter for

the right reasons, a crisp splurge

turned senseless.  In the coiled

liberty crossing to where a stare of

self shows the same key rakes with


— 2 weeks ago

Sopping with portent the glass
waves, its leaflet of quartz ranges
out of live compliments.  Each guiding
well is unsuspecting.  Trying to
summon the appearance with gloves
on the gobs of an element cuddle in
the sense of a phrase until it’s
disproved.  Even for the right
reasons busy at the foot of stone
each stranded throwback shows
through feeling briefly like where
they come from as the rest just simmer

— 3 weeks ago

Situated in pleasant optimism a

general population is unavoidable

even with bats of an eye as

attachment rolls up in hopeful

complexity.  Brought to rest in

background jumble the oddly musical

endeavor is up to ante in extreme

approximation with human tendency

muttering through vulnerability. 

The marvelous assertion pleads for

after-image with outmoded

formalism.  Equally near in traces of

discussion the splendor of

unexpected presence glistens. 

— 4 weeks ago

Strictly speaking the uproar is
suffused, muslin in place.
From out of this tension heft is
brought to rest for the delectation
of convivial aftermath.  Together
between the limits of temptation
twice-bent process appears reachable
wound in close relief. 

— 1 month ago