Lost Content

Ask me anything   This is a poetry blog. I try to post a poem or other writing every day. My likes are more general and relate to areas I find interesting or thought proviking. This is my third blog on Tumblr.

Having scrambled to this harbor of

trepang each must tell the mystery

of late day.  Dripping over all the

learning as a contribution should

deeper karmic causes articulate

like a phiz.  Doleful over-leapers queue

inside.  Explaining through a purely

theoretical tear furls a lesser

distance vaguely masking from a

marvel understood. 

— 6 days ago

"80 percent of success is showing up"

— Woody Allen

— 1 week ago

Determined by conditions the
precinct evokes a kind of precious
time.  Bound for self-invention habit
holds as equal to the impetus played-
out among the need to know a formal
discourse recurring adequate in
neutral sections.  Torn off from a
crouch each dramatic tendency
extorts to a constant of structural
features defined under canopies of
lively bright power resting at the

— 2 weeks ago

Peeled to pass a sort of indication

nothing  specific happens.  Then

again opinions find refuge in going

off.  Spread down a gradual pane of

space along those channels returns

a lemon scattered in one place. 

Some spots are only too full pouring

towards the still thought unshed. 

Save for a deck of triple dose

effects be sure. 

— 2 weeks ago

Sunk back into where each bucket
stood.  Be a certain semblance.  The
motivation is trying to pass misusing
if not lying after all.  What a way to
become every single patient share.  
Through a recalled tense the
thought of what is expecting
measures the result when reaching.  
Much of what seems so willing to
alter barely slaps the surface.  

— 3 weeks ago

Astride a rental circus sigh for any

length of time the free stock delivers.

Its lithic scale reads to what appears

unique.  In the first place conditions

coordinate beating to perspective.

The long agreeing blocks are sure

enough.  Pocked by fresh stands of

sound packaging the nameless coil.

Accomplished at the current rate it

only makes sense to wonder,

imperative is such a way.  As one

may hasten crimped to stammered

ply a drift of knees - - shouts from the


— 3 weeks ago

At face value transition no doubt
pulls at the cuff.  Each exuding
enough to shake loose from a certain
type of material.  The very act
stretches in a kind of satisfied
consciousness.  Wholly different
from limits of simulated challenge the
immutable fare takes shape speaking
above unraveled points.  The precise
relationship is therefore converted
drawing realization from the specific
quality of fulfillment.  

— 4 weeks ago

Put this express way a mountain of

heat happens to brush by.  Behaving

however strange the value is possibly

high.  Meticulous down to a cellar

scale patience comes back having

taken a pulse the other way. 

Expecting to reach over to the bay

a sum total fits in among the involute

expression of single entities tangled

in heaps of capacity thinking in suits. 

— 1 month ago